NLP Anchoring – A Few Final Considerations

NLP Anchoring – A Few Final Considerations

By Intellteacher



With regard to the NLP Anchor what has been posted and somewhat discussed thus far applies to creating, setting, activating, and using Anchors established in the Self. The next series of article will address the issue of Anchoring in others and this gives rise to some caveats. First, despite all the “Dark Side” hype surrounding the (mis)use of NLP compelling others to “do thy will” is neither possible nor desirable. There are some allegedly NLP based programs advertised on the Internet that make outlandish and completely bogus claims of teaching a person how to be in “control” of another person. Suffice it to say that even the most skilled of NLP practitioners is not a Svengali.   


Secondly, successfully employing Anchors in other people is based exclusively on the process of creating rapport which necessarily requires some semblance of a mutually cooperative environment.  Finally, Anchoring in others is a process of shaping another person’s perspective so that they “see” a matter from your point of view and in this way the process is one of working toward agreement and not something coercive in nature.


Returning to NLP Anchors installed in the Self the recent articles provided the reader with some specific steps to take and more importantly revealed the wide range of potential processes.  The articles work from a single hypothetical situation and if a reader will take the time to carefully consider what has been presented a whole host of cross-stimulus and cross-memory arrangements will emerge.  So long as the general process in terms of steps to be taken in sequence is followed the possible arrangements for creating useful Anchors is limited only by the reader’s imagination.


The author returns once again to a dominant and vitally important factor regarding NLP and that is PRACTICE-PRACTICE-PRACTICE. It is suggested that any practice be “chunked down” and done in small time increments, e.g., 10 – 20 minutes per day. Short duration, high quality NLP work will produce superior outcomes – results – improvement to “marathon” NLP practice sessions. The idea is to keep the practice fresh, interesting, and enjoyable rather than the practice session become perceived as a burden to be endured.


All readers are invited to post up any questions, problems or concerns they may have with regard to the above. It would be good to read of the successes encountered as well.


The next series of articles deals with the subject of NLP Anchoring in others and will include some necessary prior considerations before delving into the subject proper.


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  1. HotWomen said,

    March 26, 2009 at 4:56 pm

    It looks like we have similar ideas on this subject.

    • intellteacher said,

      July 26, 2009 at 5:00 pm

      Then by all means, feel free to expand and or facilitate a discussion on the points of agreement and let’s take a look at where we differ in this matter. Often times, I have found areas of disagreement to be the most fertile ground for improving my understanding of something … expanded World View so to speak.

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